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DUMERSO COFFEE is family-owned company focusing its trading activities mainly on Ethiopian Specialty Arabica Coffee. It was founded with the intent of presenting a competent option in sourcing, trading and improving the access to and recognition of various specialty varieties.

Dumerso is involved in every aspect of the coffee journey, from the careful sourcing and processing of coffee cherries to creating a welcoming coffeehouse environment with exceptional cups of coffee. Our commitment goes beyond these core activities, as we strive to exceed expectations and offer additional services and experiences.

We are driven by our immense passion for Ethiopian Specialty supply chain, which compels us to prioritize not only the exceptional quality of the coffee varietals we source and trade but also the seamless continuity and long-term sustainability of our supply. This commitment is upheld by our highly skilled and dedicated teams, ranging from our expert Cupping and Roasting teams to our proficient Sales and Logistics professionals.

Furthermore, we have successfully established enduring and dependable relationships with supply-side stakeholders who consistently uphold our partnership values and ensure the long-term sustainability of our business operations.

What we do

Ethiopian Specialty coffee is as diverse and as varied as the regions from whence it originates. Dumerso coffee has retained a vision to help ensure that this variety be recognized and appreciated on a world-wide scale.

Our philosophy is why we were compelled to engage in the specialty trade sector. 

Our company strives to become one of the leading one-stop access points where the most diverse and traceable inventory of Ethiopian Specialty can be easily accessible for importers and roasters.

Why us

Product diversity

Our commitment to product diversity is reflected in our wide range of coffee offering sourced from various regions of Ethiopia.

Reliable supply

Dumerso understands the importance of sourcing high quality coffee beans from trusted suppliers and establishing strong relationships with coffee farmers around Ethiopia.

Wholesale pricing

Establishing competitive and fair wholesale pricing is crucial for maintaining strong relationships with our customers.

Excellent Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service that goes above and beyond expectations.

Dumerso coffee operates with its roots deeply entrenched in the Ethiopian Specialty supply chain. 

This ensures not only the quality of the coffee varietals we source and trade, but also the continuity and sustainability of our supply through the diligence, competence and-most importantly- passion of the dedicated teams we employ from our Cupping and Roasting teams to our Sales and Logistics professionals. 

Moreover, we’ve been able to secure longstanding, reliable and trustworthy relationships with stakeholders on the supply-side who strive persistently to uphold the values of our partnerships and secure the longevity of our business process

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