Invested for the Future

Sustainability Aspects Undertaken By Dumerso Industrial Trading P.L.C.

We have persistently worked towards the establishment of washing stations, processing sites, farms and other supply side activities.  

The establishment of projects like natural processing and washing sites inherently require the occurrence of such socio-economic benefits as:



Since sites are in remote areas, it’s necessary to ease the construction of basic rural roads for logistics which also services the adjacent areas and administrative regions.


We have funded the installation of power equipment which supply’s most of the power to the surrounding residents while maintaining only part of the power for regular site operations. From 600-650 farmers use this electricity. 

Social Benefits

Funding the construction of the local elementary, secondary school and public library on behalf of the local government. Which will begin operating in the year 2023. The total number high school students: 1300. The total number of elementary: 2600. All these students will benefit from this project. We received this data from local offices in (Dumerso). 

Direct support through the supply of educational materials and funding of government mandated social programs such as:

  • Healthcare for surrounding farmers and residents
  • Public construction work
  • Procurement of equipment for public services and utilities
  • Agricultural subsidies (such as seeds, equipment etc.)

Economic contributions

The three rural sites in Dumerso, Gololcha and Wabe-Sombo employ 50 permanent employees, more than 100 long term contracts and more than 1000 short term contract workers who enjoy the benefits we offer other than salaries such as:

  • Loan provision
  • Lodging and accommodation during working season
  • Provisions for healthcare (for permanent staff)

Dumerso site alone partners with over 332 smallholder farmers who secure reliable supply and enjoy premium prices for their products as well as being provided heirloom varietal seedlings by Dumerso Industrial Trading to develop and ensure better yields.

Dumerso Industrial Trading is currently outlining the operation of a project to establish a pressing plant for locals where they can convert coffee parchment into marketable firewood substituting fuel pellets /briquettes/. This process has both economic and environmental advantages to the local population as a source of income and as a means of reducing deforestation.

Environmental Benefits

Dumerso Industrial Trading works diligently with its partners to ensure the ideal maintenance of environmental standards such as preserving the ecological structure of farms and sites by protecting the vegetation and soil of the surrounding environment. This diligence is part of the reason why we were able to acquire organic certification for both Dumerso and Wabe-Sombo area and are also anticipating the addition of a Rainforest Alliance certification recently.