Since 2014

Hirut Birhanu, a coffee industry veteran with an astounding two decades of experience in production, processing and trading, is the driving force behind our thriving washing station at Dumerso. Her unparalleled expertise and unwavering passion have played a pivotal role in the resounding success of our operations.

In 2010, Hirut seized the opportunity to acquire a site at Dumerso that had been established in 1998, but had remained inactive. With her determination and hard work, she transformed the site into a fully functional washed coffee processing facility. Since its inception in 2013, our washing station has been thriving, employing over 400 workers during the harvest season. It is worth noting that 95% of our workforce comprises talented and dedicated women.

Our washing station is supplied by a community lot consisting of more than 330 smallholder farmers. This strong network of farmers ensures a steady supply of high quality coffee cherries.

At Dumerso, we take pride in offering both washed and natural coffee varieties. However, it is the specialty and experimental preparation methods that truly set us apart.

Our work

With its unique flavor profiles and distinct characteristics, Ethiopian Specialty coffee truly showcases the country’s rich cultural heritage and exceptional coffee growing expertise. From the highlands of Sidamo to the lush forests of Yirgacheffe, each region offers a different taste and aroma, making Ethiopian specialty coffee a true coffee lover’s delight.

Dumerso coffee understands the value of this diversity and works tirelessly to promote it to coffee aficionados around the globe. By sourcing only the finest beans from various regions and carefully roasting them to perfection, Dumerso coffee ensures that every cup of Ethiopian Specialty coffee is a true masterpiece.

Our aim is to establish ourselves as a prominent destination, offering a comprehensive selection of Ethiopia Specialty coffee that is both diverse and traceable, and easily accessible to importers and roasters alike.

Core values

Commitment to the relationships we develop over time

Passion for the trade and quality that we prefer to be associated with

Accountability for the brand behind which we stand