Our Story

DUMERSO COFFEE is a cherished family-owned business that wholeheartedly dedicates itself to the world of Ethiopian Specialty Arabica Coffee. Our company was established with a clear purpose in mind – to provide a reliable and exceptional choice for sourcing, trading, and enhancing the availability and appreciation of diverse specialty coffee varieties.

Established in 2013, Dumerso Trading PLC, formerly known as HHK Industrial Trading PLC, has built a solid reputation as a leading player in the coffee industry. As a key player in the coffee production and marketing business, Dumerso takes pride in our commitment to not only provide premium coffee but also contribute to the improvement of the entire coffee production process.
We aim to achieve this by offering training and technical support to small holding producers equipping them with modern farming techniques and skills necessary to succeed in the industry.
Dumerso believes that through the provision of modern farm inputs and the development of appropriate techniques and skills, we can optimize coffee production in terms of quality and quantity.

What sets us apart from the rest:

  • Wide range of products available
  • Competitive wholesale pricing
  • Consistent and dependable supply
  • Exceptional customer service

Core values

  • Commitment to nurturing long-lasting relationships,
  • A zealous passion for excellence in our craft,
  • Unwavering sense of accountability to the brand we proudly represent.